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We perform quality perforation of various material thicknesses ranging from 0.3mm to 15mm at our production plants. The perforations come in various shapes: round, square, elliptical, rectangular, triangular, puzzle-type, hexagonal, pearl shaped, combined forms, decorative holes, custom made holes etc. We can also make perforations with debossed and pocket openings. We can also successfully indent the following various shapes into the material: spherical, rhomboid shaped, elliptical and staggering (chess pattern). We are also able to perforate different types of materials such as hot rolled, cold-formed, stainless steel, wear resistant steel sheet metal, non-ferrous metal, celluloid and polyethylene boards, artificial skin etc.

We deliver perforated sheets in 20mm to 1600mm wide and 100mm to indefinite long strips (depending on the thickness). However, following the perforation, the product is not complete because we can shear, shape and weld it according to customer request.

Perforations with round holes

.Perforacija sa okruglim otvorima

We fabricate quality perforations of various materials with a wide specter of holes ranging from Ø0.6 to Ø200mm. Perforations with round holes can be made in in-line and staggered pattern, perforation gauges and sizes according to customer demands and technical capabilities.

Perforations with square openings

Perforacija sa kvadratinim otvorima

We are capable of producing various square opening dimensions with sharp of rounded edges in alternate or parallel patterns of perforation intervals and permeability degree according to customer request.

Perforations with rectangular openings

Perforacija sa pravouglim otvorima

Perforations with slotted openings

Perforacija sa duguljastim otvorima

We can fabricate in-line, staggered and in-line-staggered pattern holes. The lengths of the openings are orientated according to the material length and width.

Perforations with triangular openings

Perforacije sa trouglastim otvorima

We can fabricate a large selection of triangular holes with patterns and gauges according to customer demand.

Perforations with hexagonal openings

Perforacije sa šestougaonim otvorima

Perforations with hexagonal openings can be manufactured in in-line and staggered patterns with the perforation gauges made according to customer demand and technical capabilities.

Perforations with pocket slots

Perforacija sa džepastim prorezom

A large selection of slots made according to customer patterns and gauges.

Perforations with debossed openings

Perforacija sa mostovnim prorezom

The debossed/slot perforations can be fabricated in in-line and staggered patterns, gauges and punched sheet metal height according to customer demand and technical capabilities.

Indenting shapes into the material

Utiskivanje oblika u materijal

A large selection of indenting and gauge patterns for according to customer demand.


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