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The Company’s business is in the sector of metal processing industry.

Within its relatively wide registered business, the company operations include perforation or production of perforated sheet metal screens of all types and dimensions used for all kinds of separations and flotation in mines, thermo-power plants, sugar, juice, food oil production, beer companies and other processing equipment.

Besides this, the company also produces expanded metal in various shapes from different materials (steel and aluminum) used for the production of screens, filters, filter pipes, all types and shapes of protective fences, walkways etc.




The company also manufactures tools for metal processing, metal packaging, baskets, various types of metal constructions, grated walkways, stairway landings, metal shelf assemblies, warehouse racks etc.

Along with this, the company produces spare parts for thermo-power plat overhauls (impact plates, armors, metal coverings, steel constructions, beater mills, aero-mixture channels) and manufactures support constructions for railway contact grids.

The production of such versatile metal products is mostly custom ordered by known clients. The great opportunities for expansion of the production program and organization of production of certain types enable flexible production in relation to customer demands.




 For the construction of the factory "Bioprotein" A.D. Obrenovac, 400 tons of steel were spent,
13200 hours for construction and 7000 hours for the construction of the pipe system.


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